Pereli, a brand that transforms stories and personal moments into finely crafted day-to-nightwear jewellery with real individuality. An alluring cosmos of colours, signature styles and eye-catching design, there’s always an element of surprise and the essence of evolution.

The subtle meets the bold. The vibrant clashes with the sober. The nostalgic is juxtaposed against the trendsetting. The ethnic merges with the urban. Nature blossoms next to fanciful symmetry. 

Based out of Delhi, India and born with the idea to create pieces that can go from the breakfast table to the dance floor, from your office wardrobe to your match with your prettiest Indian wear, in just a snap of a finger. And perhaps that is what sets Pereli apart - the fact that we are here to complement your style, not define it! Pereli is not a brand, it is a journey that transforms stories, moments and personal anecdotes into a precious ornament you can carry with yourself. Each piece embodies a distinctive narrative and a unique energy. An alluring cosmos of colors, unconventional styles and breath-taking designs, there’s always an element of surprise with Pereli. At Pereli it’s all about you, making it new and having some fun while at it. We help you mix and match pieces that best reflect your spirit and individuality. We want our pieces to make you feel at home and so, we aspire to create timeless jewels that speak to your soul and are brimming with energy. Welcome to our world. Welcome to Pereli.

A unit of AA Jewels